IAGI 2015 Installation Awards
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Geosynthetic Installation: 2015 IAGI Award Winners

The International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) held an awards ceremony in February in conjunction with the Geosynthetics 2015 conference in Portland, Oregon. The biannual gathering include four key awards recognizing different types of achievement in installations and emphasized the core points of quality that the non-profit professional association strives to promote and increase... »

GeoAmericas 2016 Sponsorship Supports Haiti Redevelopment
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GeoAmericas 2016 Sponsorship Supports Haiti Redevelopment

When the 3rd Pan-American Regional Conference on Geosynthetics convenes in Miami in April 2016, it will do so with a truly unique sponsorship program for an engineering conference. Geosynthetics industry companies, through their GeoAmericas 2016 sponsorship, may directly benefit the community of Charlier, Haiti, where geosynthetics will be utilized in a broad social and infrastructure development ... »

Geogrids reinforcing the growth of Pardis near Tehran
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Geogrids reinforcing the growth of Pardis near Tehran

Pardis, which is situated on the east side of Tehran, is a fast-growing community of 40,000. Multiple technology, manufacturing, and services businesses have come into the area, and that has prompted a strong demand for new residential structures. The current phase of development in Pardis is targeting a capacity of 100,000 residents, making this one of the anchors to the eastern development of Te... »

electrical leak location ELL sensitivity
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Electrical Leak Location Sensitivity Explored

By Abigail Beck, P.E. – Electrical Leak Location (ELL) survey success is directly related to the sensitivity that can be achieved by the method employed.  Method sensitivity is one of the most widely misunderstood aspects of ELL surveys, since it is largely a function of site conditions and less a function of survey equipment and methodology.  Some adjustments in ELL equipment and survey methodolo... »

Geocells in soil stabilization
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AUSTRALIA: 3D Confinement System (Geoweb®) Seminars

In April, Geofabrics Australasia and Presto Geosystems are delivering a multi-city engineering seminar on “Solving Soil Stability Problems with GEOWEB®.” The event, which is built on knowledge transfer of 3D confinement system utilization, will be offered in three key cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Bryan Wedin, P.E., and Matt Kuester will provide the expert instruction. DOWNL... »

TRB’s International Conference on Low Volume Roads
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TRB’s International Conference on Low Volume Roads

The Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) 11th International Conference on Low-Volume Roads will be held 12 – 15 July 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. LVR construction and maintenance may seem like a less-important matter to some, but these roads represent the majority of roads in the world; and, often, they provide the vital connection between agriculture, energy, and raw materials (e.g., mining... »

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