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A Stormwater Regulation Backlash?

Princeton Borough, New Jersey has placed itself at risk of fines for rejecting state-mandated stormwater control regulations. At issue is how the city regulates the many small residential construction projects that occur each year, such as the building of an addition. The city council feels that the state rules are too severe for the average homeowner. Learn more here.; »

Geotextile Tubes in India

The Statesman reports that geotextile tubes are being installed along eroding shores in India on an experimental basis. One section of the test site will target eroding embankments in a 10 km stretch. If the project proves to be successful, similar schemes will be adopted elsewhere. Experts from numerous agencies contributed to the plan's design. Learn more here.; »

Ventura and USACE Must Wait

Ventura, California would like to construct an artificial reef to rebuild and protect the beach. The design comes from New Zealand's ASR Limited, known for geotextile bag reef constructions. But funding for the project requires the US Congress re-opening the Water Resources Development Act, which would allow the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) to execute the work. Learn more here.; »

ASA Report on Subcontracting

The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) annually reports on the public policy environment for subcontracting in construction. The 2006 report is now available with grades and breakdowns on a state by state government and construction level for prompt payment protections, payment bond protections, anti-"bid-shopping" measures, and more. Download the Executive Summary or the full report at the... »

Propex’s Latest

The Landlok 300 turf reinforcement mat (TRM) from Propex uses a netless, 3-dimensional woven construction to create more surface area for trapping and protecting soils and vegetation. The mats match riprap in performance and exceed hard surfaces economically. This new product is designed for steep slope and channel applications. For more information, visit the Landlok 300 page. Learn more here.; »

China and Unchecked Sediment Runoff

Erosion control codes grow more strict in the US as cities and states realize the tremendous pollution problem of unchecked sediment entering waterways. But in China, where development is booming, the rapid construction of a road system is producing dangerous sediment runoff into rivers that feed much of Southeast Asia. Solutions are needed. Learn more here.; »

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