Hueskers Expands Manufacturing in Shelby
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HUESKER Expanding Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina

Global geosynthetics manufacturer HUESKER is embarking on a significant expansion in Shelby, North Carolina. The current 50,000 sq. ft. facility will be enlarged to 150,000 sq. ft. for manufacturing, warehousing, and office space. Two markets that will certainly benefit from the expansion of manufacturing capacity will be agriculture and industrial. HUESKER has seen steady growth in its portfolio ... »

Huesker Agriculture Business Unit

HUESKER Seeks Agriculture Business Unit Sales Manager

North Carolina-based HUESKER inc. seeks an experienced Sales Division Manager. The position will be responsible for managing and overseeing the company’s sales in the growing Agriculture Business Unit. The position territory includes NAFTA and Central America. The successful candidate should have previously held a sales management position in a company selling, promoting and marketing related prod... »

Profile Products Acquisition
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An Easy Transition for Profile Products after Acquisition

In May it was announced that Profile Products LLC, with its well-known and substantial portfolio of soil improvement, water quality, and vegetation management products, had been acquired by Platte River Equity. The growth-oriented move has gone forth without any interruptions to Profile’s business. Its management team remains intact, as does its 200+ person team. Profile various facilities in Illi... »

HUESKER, agricultural water security
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Sven Schröer on Agricultural Water Security

In the April 2015 issue of Irrigation Leader, North Carolina-based HUESKER inc.’s CEO Sven Schröer was interviewed for the publication’s “Business Leaders” section. The interview, which begins on Page 28 of the issue, provides a nice introduction to the importance of geosynthetics in agricultural water security. READ THE INTERVIEW (PDF) Schröer’s background is ideal here. He has worked in geosynth... »

Geomembrane installation quality workshop
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SLIDESHOW: Brazil Workshop on Geomembrane Installation Quality

By Bruno Pedroni and Chris Kelsey – On June 9, a two-day workshop on Geomembrane Installation Quality convened in São Paulo, Brazil. Organized and promoted by Geosynthetica and its sister publication (a Portuguese-language online magazine), the workshop was held at the Engineering Institute. Expert instruction for “Qualidade na Instalação de Geomembranas” was provi... »

Titan Environmental Containment
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Titan Environmental Containment Continues to Strengthen Business

In a little under a decade of operation, Manitoba-headquartered Titan Environmental Containment has built a strong team and reputation, with operations expanding to cover all of Canada and the United States. Titan’s portfolio of geosynthetics and steel tanks and its deeply experience installation team have given it important supply and installation contracts in mining, oil and gas, agriculture, en... »

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